TV Schedule for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL HD (2024)

Tuesday, July 9th TV listings for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL HD
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Action News Jax at 6:00am New Live

Morning news coverage.

CBS Mornings New

Allyson Felix, retired track and field athlete; singer-songwriter Dolly Parton.

The Drew Barrymore Show Drew's News With Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson and Vlad Duthiers

Gayle King, Tony Dokoupil, Nate Burleson and Vlad Duthiers ("CBS Mornings"); Drew has a surprise for two MetLife Stadium security guards.

The Drew Barrymore Show The Weekender With Mikel Welch; Drew's News With Mikel Welch; Jasmine Roth

Drew and Mikel Welch hit the headlines and demonstrate the latest gift-wrapping hack ahead of the holiday season; HGTV's Jasmine Roth stops by to give her suggestions for designing on a budget.

Let's Make a Deal

Costumed contestants compete for cash and prizes.

The Price Is Right

Contestants bid for prizes then compete for fabulous showcases.

Action News Jax at Noon New Live

Midday news update.

The Young and the Restless New

Victor pushes Jack's buttons; Chelsea sends Adam on a guilt trip; Audra relishes her new role.

The Bold and the Beautiful New

Steffy, Thomas, Paris and Douglas share a family moment; Finn helps Hope navigate her feelings toward Thomas.

The Talk New

Well-known entertainment personalities discuss current events, pop culture, family, celebrity and trending topics of the day.

Tamron Hall You Inherited What?

A woman inherits the world's largest Barbra Streisand memorabilia collection; photographer Olivia Joan talks about the wardrobe she inherited from her grandmother, Joan Johnson; raffle at a funeral; man uses his inheritance to fund a musical project.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Action News Jax at 5:00pm New Live

Action News Jax at 5:30pm New Live

Evening news coverage.

Action News Jax at 6:00pm New Live

Evening news coverage.

CBS Evening News With Norah O'Donnell New

A weeknight survey of major news stories, human-interest segments and interviews with newsmakers, anchored by Norah O'Donnell.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

Family Feud

Teams compete to match answers of nationwide surveys.

FBI Phantom

After an employee of the U.S. Army is shot in an industrial park, the team works to track down the killer who reveals a larger plot at play; Tiffany continues to struggle with the guilt surrounding Hobbs' death.

FBI: International Gift

When the owner of a prominent cyber security company is murdered in Copenhagen, mass amounts of data are leaked, sending the NSA to the fly team for assistance.

FBI: Most Wanted The Return

When two armed guards are gunned down while transporting millions of dollars' worth of Nigerian artifacts to a museum, the task force races to catch the thieves; Ray speaks to his father about taking his relationship with Cora to the next level.

Action News Jax at 11:00pm New Live

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Serena Williams; Andrew McCarthy New

Serena Williams; actor Andrew McCarthy.

After Midnight Colton Dunn; Jason Sklar; Randy Sklar New

Actor Colton Dunn; actor Jason Sklar; actor Randy Sklar.

Modern Family Grill, Interrupted

Phil is excited to give Jay a high-tech outdoor grill for his birthday; Claire and Mitchell propose a gift idea they don't expect Jay to accept; Luke and Manny are taught a lesson about drinking; Andy becomes awkward around Haley and her boyfriend.

The King of Queens Major Disturbance

Doug tries to win back Major's love after he traumatizes the child while reading him a scary bedtime-story.

CBS News Roundup New

The headlines one needs to know overnight... plus, a roundup of MoneyWatch, health, consumer and up-to-the-minute technology news, the latest weather, and inspiring stories of kindness and hope.

CBS News Mornings New

CBS News Mornings broadcasts on weekdays and offers viewers up-to-date news, comprehensive weather forecasts, and highlights from the world of sports.

Action News Jax at 5:00am New Live

Morning news coverage.

Action News Jax at 5:30am New Live

Morning news from Jacksonville.

TV Schedule for CBS (WJAX) Jacksonville, FL HD (2024)
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