Tool Chests Clearance (2024)

1. CLOSEOUT SALE - Rockin Toolboxes

  • Unbeatable Closeout Sale at | Save $100's on premium tool storage - Limited stock in our final clearance. Shop Now and Secure Your $$$

2. Clearance in Tool Boxes - Walmart

  • Shop for Clearance in Tool Boxes at Save money. Live better.

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3. Sale Results - VIPER TOOL STORAGE

  • 81-Inch 14-Drawer Rolling Cabinet Bundle with Bottom Cabinet, Top Chest and 2 Side Lockers. $4,479.96 Original price was: $4,479.96. $3,583.97 Current price is: ...

  • Great as a stand-alone unit but designed to attach to our 41-Inch 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinets
    • Sturdy 19-gauge steel frame is reinforced internally for extra durability and strength
    • Powder coated finish resists chips and scratches keeping the color bold and vibrant
    • 24" deep offers plenty of storage room with 6,180 cubic inches of available storage space
    • ReSecure safety feature latches drawers shut to avoid accidental opening
    • Confidently secure your items while you’re away with Viper SlideLock technology, making it difficult to pick, pry or duplicate keys (includes 2 keys)
    • Backed by our limited lifetime warranty
      • Overall: 16 W x 24 5/8 D x 34 3/8 H
      • Drawers:
        • 1) (Top Drawer) 11 5/8 W x 5 3/8 H x 20 3/4 D
        • 2) 11 5/8 W x 2 1/4 H x 20 3/4 D
        • 3) 11 5/8 W x 2 1/4 H x 20 3/4 D
        • 4) 11 5/8 W x 2 1/4 H x 20 3/4 D
        • 5) 11 5/8 W x 5 1/4 H x 20 3/4 D
        • 6) (Bottom Drawer) 11 5/8 W x 8 1/4 H x 20 3/4 D
    Shipping included to the Lower 48 States

4. Shop Top Tool Box Brands | Sale |

5. Tool Chest Combos | Tool Box Combos |

  • Costway 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest Cabinet Metal Tool Storage Box Lockable with Wheels ... Flash Sale! Stanley Consumer Tool 109417 Full Size Organizer, ...

  • Sears offers a variety of tool chest & tool box combos to keep all your tools free from harm. Find a Craftsman tool chest combo or tool cabinet and organize your workspace today.

6. New and used Tool Boxes for sale | Facebook Marketplace

7. Toolboxes Archives - THE ORIGINAL PINK BOX

  • $479.99 Current price is: $479.99. Select options. Sale. 16-Inch 4-Drawer 18G Steel Rolling Tool/Salon Cart with Bulk Storage.

  • The micro size of our new toolbox is perfect for on-the-go storage and organization!
    Built from steel with a resilient powder coated finish, the vibrant color of this handheld toolbox is sure to last. Our mini but mighty box supports a total of 17.6 pounds and offers over 275 cubic inches capacity with 2 drawers plus top storage. The drawers are easy to use with smooth friction slides, and magnetic catches prevent them from accidentally opening. The lid includes a fold-down handle with an ergonomic grip, and a single latch secures it closed while on the move.
    • Comfort grip top handle for convenient portability
    • Lid latches shut so you can travel with confidence
    • Frictions slides glide open
    • Magnets keep drawers shut when not in use
    • Drawers support up to 5.5 lbs each
      • (max weight capacity including top storage is 17.6 lb)
    • Durable powder coated finish
    • Aluminum drawer trim is attractive and easy to grip
    • Overall: 10.83-in W x 6.3-in D x 8.34-in H
    • Inside Drawers: 9-in W x 5-in D x 2 1/8-in H
    • Inside Lid: 10 5/8-in W 5 3/4 -in D 1 3/8-in H
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Toolboxes Archives - THE ORIGINAL PINK BOX

8. Weekly Sale | Tool Storage Solutions | Homak Manufacturing

  • 27″ Pro II Top Chest. $829.00 Original price was: $829.00. $497.40 Current price is: $497.40. ... Sale!

  • View our weekly sale here! Products are updated every week so check back to see the most current offerings.

Weekly Sale | Tool Storage Solutions | Homak Manufacturing

9. On Sale Tool Boxes - Bed Bath & Beyond

  • On Sale - Tool Boxes : Free Shipping on Orders Over $49.99* at Bed Bath & Beyond - Your Online Garage Storage Store!

  • On Sale - Tool Boxes : Shop Now at Bed Bath & Beyond - Your Online Garage Storage Store!

On Sale Tool Boxes - Bed Bath & Beyond

10. loaded tool boxes - BoxoUSA

  • Save on BoxoUSA loaded tool boxes, toolbox plus our most popular 217 piece Master tool set. Shop cabinets and workstations to keep your work space organized ...

  • Save on BoxoUSA loaded tool boxes, toolbox plus our most popular 217 piece Master tool set. Shop cabinets and workstations to keep your work space organized with the tools you need to get the job done. Choose from black or white toolbox and optional trim handle colors.

loaded tool boxes - BoxoUSA

11. Used Tool Box for sale - GovPlanet

  • Buy surplus Tools from Waterloo, Kennedy, PROTO, Taylor Wings and more. Buy with confidence with our IronClad Assurance®.

  • Buy surplus Tools from Waterloo, Kennedy, PROTO, Taylor Wings and more. Buy with confidence with our IronClad Assurance®.

Tool Chests Clearance (2024)


How deep are Snap on tool boxes? ›

It's time to step up to some real tool storage. Go for the classic looks, space, and quality of Snap-on. All Classic Tool Storage Units are 24 inches deep, in widths of 72", 54" and 36".

Are Sealey tool chests any good? ›

Customers are satisfied with the quality of the tool box. For example, they mention it's a great cabinet, ideal for modelmakers, and works well for their needs. Some say it'll make a lovely gift.

How to choose tool chest? ›

What to Consider Before Buying your Tool Chest?
  1. Storage Capacity. This may seem like a fairly obvious consideration. ...
  2. Drawers. ...
  3. Durability. ...
  4. Slides. ...
  5. Lock.

What is the most useful tool in a toolbox? ›

Hammer: It's a classic for a reason. No toolbox is complete without a reliable hammer. From driving nails to removing them, a hammer is the quintessential tool for any home improvement project.

Can you pawn a Snap-on tool box? ›

Pawn shops offer an excellent resource for both purchasing and selling used Snap On tool boxes and tools.

What gauge metal are Snap-on tool boxes made of? ›

20-gauge steel drawers and 16-gauge steel combination top and bottom; Lock bar and drawer lock tabs; and. Casters fastened to the box using weld nuts to prevent loosening.

Are Sealey tools made in China? ›

Sealey are like many tool type companies, in that they are nothing more than a wholesaler, selling products made by other companies, including stuff that is made in china.

Who made Craftsman tool chests? ›

Originally a house brand established by Sears, the brand is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker. As with all Sears products, Craftsman tools were not manufactured by Sears during that company's ownership, but made under contract by various other companies.

Are Draper and Sealey the same? ›

The name is largely irrelevant, Sealey, Draper, Bergen, US Pro, it's all basically similar stuff. The quality will vary as these importers shop around to find the cheapest supplier.

How to organize a tool chest like a pro? ›

18 Tool Box Organization Ideas That Work for All Types of Tools
  1. Have a Place for Everything.
  2. Customize Your Toolbox With Foam Organizers.
  3. Create Compartments for Small Pieces.
  4. Organize Your Drawers From Top to Bottom.
  5. Keep Drawers Organized With Trays.
  6. Invest in Stackable Containers.
  7. Utilize Pegboards.
  8. Use Magnetic Boards.

How do you store tools without a tool chest? ›

Labeled shoe boxes or sturdy gift boxes are perfect for miscellaneous tools and hardware. Clear plastic boxes or stackable utility bins are also great solutions. And a basic pegboard with hooks for hanging tools is a good way to use vertical wall space. It also makes it easy to see everything.

What is a machinist tool chest? ›

This turn-of-the-century tool chest made from riftsawn oak is as useful for storing tools today as it was 100 years ago. From the basic measuring and marking implements to your favorite hand tools, this chest will keep everything in its place. You can also see why the design is a classic.

Who has the best toolbox? ›

  • Best Overall: Crescent 17" Tradesman Closed Top Tool Bag » ...
  • Best Budget: Akro-Mils ProBox Toolbox » ...
  • Best for Large Tools: DeWalt Toughsystem 2.0 Extra Large Toolbox » ...
  • Best Portable: Stalwart Rolling Toolbox » ...
  • Best Lightweight: Stanley 19 in. ...
  • Best for Durability: Craftsman 26-in Wide 5 Drawer Tool Chest »

What is the most famous toolbox? ›

Studley Tool Chest is a Woodworker's Dream from the 19th Century.

What is the most useful tool ever? ›

The knife helps feed us, shelter us, defend us and assure our survival. It's the most reliable, useful and important tool in human history. For more on why the knife ranked number one, click here.

How deep is the US General tool box? ›

The US General single bay tool cabinets have 8 drawers, are 26″ wide, 22″ deep, 40.5″ tall, and weigh 175 pounds. There are 3 shallow drawers, 3 medium drawers, and 2 deep drawers. While not perfect, that might do the trick for secondary tool and part storage!

How deep should a tool drawer be? ›

A couple of shallow drawers at the top for small, delicate and oft used tools. Then a bit deeper drawer for "bigger" stuff in the middle, and a deep drawer at the bottom for bulky items. From the top, 2-4 drawers at 2", then 2-3 drawers at 3-4", and bottom 1-2 drawers at 8-12" deep.

How big is the classic 78 Snap-on tool box? ›

With the introduction of the Classic 78 Roll Cab (KRA2411) from Snap-on Tools Company, tool users now have an economical 54-inch wide by 24-inch deep roll cab with more than 23,600 cubic inches of storage space to pack, organize, stow and store a variety of tools and equipment.

How big is the Snap-on classic 96 tool box? ›

The 24-inch deep, 72-inch wide Classic 96 (KRA2418) storage center offers a mammoth 31,000 cubic inches of storage space. The unit's 18 drawers can be configured to almost any specification, with 2-inch mounting centers located throughout the unit.

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